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Thank Your Customers The Old-Fashioned Way

We offer a choice of gifts to be sent to your customers as part of our thank-you service. Gifts help leave your customers with a great lasting impression of your business, and also dramatically increase response rates to customer satisfaction questionnaires.

  • Our nationally award-winning fudge is of unforgettable quality, and your clients will be thrilled to receive it!
    Northwest Fresh Fudge: $24.95/customer
  • We also offer Huckleberry Taffy Confections as a unique treat. Every wild berry grows naturally in the high forests of the Pacific Northwest, completely unattended until individually hand-picked every summer. The result is a sweet, robust flavor for your customers to enjoy.
    Huckleberry Confections: $18.95/customer
  • These delicious fudge brownies are a mouth-watering choice, baked from the freshest ingredients in the northwest and preserved to greet your customers with the perfect taste and texture. Chocolate confections will help ensure that your clients are left with a great-tasting experience after choosing your business!
    Northwest Fresh Fudge Brownies: $19.95/customer
  • For a budget option, send your customers a professionally-designed, personalized "Thank you!" card including a self-addressed, stamped survey that they can fill out and provide to you with feedback on your business. (Included at no charge in all other gift choices.)
    Thank-You Card and Survey: $6.95/customer

The pricing investment for each of our customer satisfaction packages includes:
• "Thank you!" cards with your business logo and message
• Survey cards soliciting customer feedback, addressed back to you (plus links to respond online)
Shipping & handling costs to deliver your choice of gifts/postcards promptly
• Online testimonials and email notifications sent to you based on customer feedback
• Password-protected online reports describing your customer satisfaction & marketing efficiency

"We help businesses nationwide build satisfied customers and successful marketing."

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