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How It Works

1. Receive Feedback After Every Customer Experience

We create a fully-customized customer satisfaction survey for your business to capture critical information from your clients about the following subjects:

  • How customers find your business, and what exposure they receive to your local marketing
  • Customers' opinions of your storefront's appearance, products, and services
  • Specific ideas for how you and your employees can improve customer relations
  • A testimonial to be shared publicly online, indexed by search engines, and in other marketing

Then, you provide us with your customers' contact information via a secure online portal, and we help you deliver these surveys and collect responses in a variety of ways, online and offline:

  • We deliver "thank-you" gifts to your customers with delicious high-quality confections along with a postcard that they can fill out and return via mail. This helps build customer loyalty and leaves them with a positive memory of your business.
  • We also deliver personalized "thank-you" emails to your customers with a link to fill out the survey online.
  • We provide you with signage and marketing aids that make it easy for you to remind your customers at the time of sale to send you their feedback.
2. Build Your Business With Ratings & Reviews On Your Online Profile

We build a customized online business profile for your business, featuring your own branding, a description of your business, and the ratings and reviews from your customers.

  • You can choose photos and a description of your business to display on the profile page
  • Search engines like Google and Bing will discover your profile page and link to it when users search for your business
  • Your profile page will build trust and interest in potential customers, and serve as an objective reference for the quality and dedication of your business
  • You can link from your own web site to your business profile page using a "badge" like the one shown to the right, adding credibility as a member of Star Ratings USA
3. Discover New Ways To Improve Customer Satisfaction

We provide you with private, password-protected reports showing the feedback submitted from your customers. This feedback is valuable to you, often pinpointing areas of weakness that you can address with your staff to improve your clients' experiences. Over time, this feedback enables you to measure your success in building satisfied customers.

Because each submitter is identified as a client of your business, you can also follow up personally with them to ensure that any areas of disappointment are resolved to their satisfaction, and show them that customer service is important to your business. This personal attention can turn your most dissatisfied clients into happy, repeat customers!

4. Gain New Referrals And Repeat Business

Along with submitting feedback about your business, your customers can send you referrals through Star Ratings USA, identifying their friends and acquaintances who might also be interested in your services or products. This creates a regular stream of potential new customers, putting you in the perfect position to contact them with a phone call to introduce yourself and your business.

Our "thank-you" gifts have been shown to leave a great impression with customers, motivating them to continue to come back to you with their repeat business, time and time again. These happy customers can be your best assets, spreading the word about your business to others and supporting you with consistently positive reviews!

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